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If you live in Connecticut, you might be surprised to learn that Bridgeport is, on paper at least, the third worst place in the state you live in. New Haven has the worst crime index of any place in Connecticut and the third lowest income, but it is also one of the most crime-prone.

The inhabitants earn almost twice as much as the lowest wages and the inhabitants earn a paltry income per year. The bad news is that Hartford is among the places with the most crime - vulnerable places in the state and the third-lowest income. The inhabitants of the village earned almost twice as little as the locals every year, but the locals earned a Palatinate income every year!

New London has a median household income in New London that is higher than any other city on the list, which means it is at the bottom of the worst cities list. New Britain ranks 7th in Connecticut and in the bottom half of the state in crime, crime - places at risk and poverty.

Danbury is a good choice if you're looking for the worst place to live in Connecticut, but again, the data doesn't lie. Danbury ranks ninth in our 2020 Best Places to Live rankings and is the second worst city in the state. Hard - Hartfordians may disagree with our rankings, so if it looks like an area in Connecticut with a bad economic situation where there's not much to do, this is an accurate list. If you're looking for something more national, check out our list of the worst cities in New York, New Jersey, California and Washington, D.C., and have a look.

Depending on the itinerary, you can visit one of the following locations in the Ansonia area: New Haven, Hartford, Danbury or Hartford City Hall.

It feels like you're miles away from everything, with a peaceful woodland setting in an affordable home. There is also an outdoor swimming pool, picnic area and an outdoor dining area for guests to enjoy. The Ansonia Country Club also offers beautiful views of the Connecticut River.

If commuting times matter to you, West Haven residents have the 13th longest commute of any resident on this list. The journey time to Bridgeport is 26 minutes, and the average journey to and from Bridgeport is 22 minutes. During peak hours, rush hour traffic in both directions also stops in Stratford and the Waterbury branch is a shuttle service that runs every 15 - 20 minutes in the morning and every 20 - 30 minutes in the evening.

To find out how bad a place to live is, you need to know what kind of things people like, and then decide which city has the least of them. After all, every city is rated the "worst place," and the worst grade is the worst city in Connecticut. Although the numbers for Connecticut are better than the rest of the nation, the fact is that when you compare Connecticut cities with each other, there is a big difference.

Derby and Shelton are both in the Waterbury branch, which joins the North East corridor. There are two major railroad lines in the area, the East River Branch and the West Branch of the Connecticut River.

If you're in the mood for bargains, Clinton and Westbrook (CT) Outlet Centers are just a short drive away. There are also many great shopping opportunities in the nearby cities of Derby and Shelton, as well as in New Haven. There are more shopping opportunities on the east side of the river, in Waterbury, and you can also shop at the malls in West Hartford, East Hartford and Stamford, Connecticut.

Located just a few miles from downtown, the New England Village, Forest Hill residents can meet with friends and family to enjoy the amenities of the pool, activities and clubhouse.

Guests will be able to listen to a variety of music by local and national artists as well as local musicians. With an extensive footpath, you can walk the miles of private roads now connected to the new middle school, providing a convenient way to watch your grandchildren. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the New England Village and its surroundings and the tranquility of this community.

If you're looking for an affordable retirement home in a community that gives you the opportunity to enjoy life in your own home, visit Lakeside and see the homes built in Terryville, CT for yourself. If you need a place to sleep, we have compiled a list of the best Connecticut hotels to ensure you get a good night's sleep at the right time. Visit the New England Village in Westbrook, Connecticut and enjoy the beautiful views of this apartment share and its surroundings. For those of you who are looking for an alternative to living in your own home with less maintenance, upcoming events and events for those who enjoy it are coming up.

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